Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Episode 5 - Revenge!


The Hollywood adventures of one Griffith Stein continue!  Thanks for sticking with Wunderkind! for 5 episodes. We're about halfway through the story at this point, and as you can see, Wunderkind! is a movie, within a movie... within a movie.  I hope you are having fun keeping up with the twists and visualizing how a talented director would make the layers of Wunderkind! cleverly intertwine on the silver screen.  I do welcome your feedback and invite you to leave a comment here or on iTunes and let me know what you think of Wunderkind!  Does the screenplay format work for you?  Is it helping you get into the story or is it a distraction?  So far the feedback I have received has been positive, but I would love to specifically hear from you!  If you have been enjoying the podcast, please tweet about it, post on Facebook and tell your friends.  There are still some seats left in this theater!  And now, let's get on with the show...


Previously on Wunderkind!...  After a harrowing bike ride home, Griffith pulls an all-nighter poring over the notes he took at O'REILLY's and hacking away at his computer keyboard to write his first screenplay, aptly called, WUNDERKIND, and the same story he overheard Robbie Rosenberg secretly telling to his agent, Izzy Cohen.  The next morning, Griffith goes all out and places copies of his script on the studio screening room seats for the production staff and even studio topper Ted Murdoch to find.  Murdoch loves the script and takes Griffith under his wing, dubbing him a Wunderkind, and stepping up to sign Griffith and personally produce the movie. Meanwhile Robbie Rosenberg is furious, but even Izzy Cohen is skeptical when Rosenberg claims Griffith stole his idea...about an idea getting stolen...  As we begin episode 5, production is about to commence on Wunderkind, the movie... 

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