Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Episode 3 - Eavesdropping


I'm back.... with another episode of Wunderkind! the podcast.  I am having a blast recording this for you and I can only hope you are having fun listening as well.  Please let me know by leaving me some feedback.  If you are enjoying Wunderkind! please don't be shy about it.  Tell your friends to listen and leave a review on iTunes.  I am relying on the kindness of strangers (and you) to help me spread the word about Wunderkind!   

As you may or may not know, earlier in my career I spent 14 years in the film and television industry and was very much in the thick of it when I wrote Wunderkind!  As someone who loves the movies, I wanted to tell a story of Hollywood dreams, perhaps an expression of my own dreams... After all, everyone who loves the movies, at one time or another has dreamed of being a Wunderkind!  Haven't you?

In this episode we re-join our projectionist protagonist, Griffith Stein, as his path crosses once again with the real Wunderkind, Robbie Rosenberg.  As you'll soon find out, Griffith's humble life is beginning to take on the look and feel of... well, a movie...


Previously in Wunderkind.... In Episode 2 we took a peek inside the apartment of studio projectionist Griffith Stein, to learn he is truly a cinemaniac.  Everything he owns is movie related, from his refrigerator filled with popcorn and bon-bons, to his vast CD collection of showtunes and soundtracks.  We learned that Griffith writes a newsletter called "Celluloid Cellibates" and that his mom, back in Florida, thinks her son is a bigshot Hollywood mogul...  Meanwhile, we met Robbie Rosenberg's hotshot agent, Izzy Cohen, and learn that he is pressuring Robbie Rosenberg for details about his next movie project, which is top secret while Izzy Cohen is re-negotiating Robbie's deal with the studio.  Cohen agrees to meet Robbie to discuss his new idea, and to avoid running into any industry insiders they meet at an obscure Irish and Japanese joint, O'Reilly's Sushi Bar & Grill... which just happens to be where Griffith has gone to get some dinner.  As we end episode two, Izzy Cohen's limo driver gets lucky, and soon Griffith will too!

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